Origination Of Frederick Window Tinting


Mesmerized by what I saw in Fast And The Furious and Pimp My Ride, I decided as a teenager that car customization would be my path. I spent time “doing it myself” until I landed a job at Best Buy installing radios, remote starts and other accessories in vehicles. While I learned a lot from them, it wasn’t “custom” enough for me so I moved on. The next place helped me grown even further down the path of becoming another “Chip Foose”. I learned sales, painting techniques, custom fiberglass enclosures etc. It was great, but as a teenagers heart is so easily distracted, I thought a future in the Military might be more exhilarating.

I join the Navy and served as a Master-At-Arms (Military Police). I met my wife a few months before leaving for boot camp and we were married 363 days later. After a short stint in the service, I was out and on the prowl for another job that had less to do with guns and more to do with cars. I ended up returning to the customization shop where I learned a new craft. Window tinting swiftly became my passion. I was hooked on the instant gratification that tinting windows provided. One minute a vehicle looked plain jane and a hour later WOW totally different. I spent several years bouncing around a few shops. While I loved tinting, I didn’t like arguing about the best methods to operate a business. I wasn’t truly satisfied. It finally dawned on me that I didn’t want to work for someone else. I wanted to do it my way.

In February of 2014 I started my first business. I learned how to build a website, do seo and online marketing.Β  By June I was doing over 100 vehicles month out of a small residential garage below my apartment.Β  I applied everything good I had learned over the years and it was working. So well, that after just over a year it was time for a bigger “shop”. Germantown Window Tinting became Frederick Window Tinting in April of 2015.

My wife Sharyn joined me in this new endeavor and together we’ve built FWT into what it is today! She has been an incredible asset to my life and the best business partner I could ask for. Together we are raising two kids, Joey and Trinity, with the plans that one day this will all be theirs!

I firmly believe if you take care of people and forget about how much money can be made, you’ll end up making more than enough and can go to sleep at night without any guilt. I am a God-fearing, Bible believing, born again Christian and hold tight to the truths of Scripture. I don’t believe in “karma” or “what goes around comes around’, but rather, that I am to mimic my Savior Jesus Christ. Life’s biggest problem has already been solved for me through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. All of my sins have been forgiven because of Him. While I remain on this earth, I am called to share my faith, love God and love my neighbors. I assure you, your in good hands by coming to Frederick Window Tinting!